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Given some time, any small town, much like a family, will accumulate stories, folklore, and it's own version of historical events; retelling tales and gathering memorabilia associated with those stories. One of Peninsula's anecdotes started with an unfortunate escape...

It was the summer of 1944, and a couple of The Cole Brothers' Circus' performers had gone missing after an accident in Bath Township. Two giant snakes were nowhere to be found! At least temporarily. One was quickly found, dead, to the relief of local ophidiophobics, but the other slithered along, competing for a time with news of the Allies' invasion of Europe during WWII. Sightings of the “Peninsula Python” continued through much of the summer, causing posses to be organized from the Civil Defense volunteers and even garnering tiny Peninsula (current pop. 602) the attention of radio newscasters and both the United and Associated Press organizations. Seems NE Ohio wasn't the only part of the U.S. looking for a diversion from world news.

Today, the excitement is remembered every summer with Peninsula's “Python Day.” This summer, it will be officially held on July 16, but we at the Peninsula Farmers' Market ( will get an early start on the festivities. On Wednesday, July 13, you can find Python Tail Sausage Rolls at Gaelic Imports, Polish Python Dogs at The Pierogie Lady, Snake Bath & Shower Gel from Boko Botanicals, and Peppermint Python Tea from Storehouse Teas, among other goodies. Stahl's will join the fun with Giant Python Cookies - we'll use a variation of the logo from Python Day on some of our frosted cookies. Thanks to Elements Gallery for the use of their art! We'll also bring Individual Focaccias, Coconut Macaroons, and the less-snakey Pink & Purple Butterfly Cookies. For more information on Saturday's activities, check out Is the python still around? Probably not – the lifespan of a python is only about 25-30 years. Unless she laid some eggs nearby...


Meanwhile, if you have some time to visit Kent on Saturday, stop by the Haymaker Farmers' Market & see us again! We'll be bringing Individual Focaccias, Coconut Macaroons, Frosted Cookies, Iced Coffee, and more. Saturday's featured bread will be Dilly Bread - thanks to the manager of Black Dog Acres for the suggestion.
Other Stahl's news: our storefront will be closed for the next couple of Saturdays while BakeryMom & BakeryDad take a little vacation. Slackers. But we will be at the Haymaker on Saturdays, and the storefront will be open through the week, so don't panic - we can still feed you six days out of seven.


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