Sum, sum, summertime!
Subject: Sum, sum, summertime!
Send date: 2011-06-24 17:00:05
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How do you know it's summer? Well, the calendar is a good indicator; we've passed the June 22th mark, so it's official. But there are other ways; less official, less scientific perhaps, but just as definite. Firstly, school's out. And then there's the intermittent hot weather – seriously, did you know at the time which was the very last snow of the spring season? Another clue is that farmers' market season is full-blown – Kent's Haymaker is one of the earliest-starters, but others around the area have now opened as well, including the new one in Peninsula on Wednesday evenings. And then there are the cookouts & outdoor parties which drive that summer feeling home. How about this for the definitive summer block party: D.I.C.E*'s first Sidewalk Cinema of the summer will be this Friday, June 24. The kickoff will be opened by none other than...(drumroll).... The Bluestones! This local blues group has been a favorite for years – they even started joining the Haymaker music roster a few seasons ago. And don't forget their association with the late great Koko Taylor. What movie has been deemed summer-starting worthy? Casablanca! When was the last time you got to watch a classic on a big screen? It all starts at 7 at the Home Savings Plaza on the corner of Main & Water. Bring a lawnchair or lawnblanket and your appetite for pizza (which Little Caesar’s is kindly providing), live music, classic movies, and community interaction, since there are no drink-holding armrest barricades between you and the next movie aficionado. Rain location = The Kent Stage.

So, if that's how the weekend starts, what else is there to do? Well, no matter how late you stay up on Friday, roll out of bed and stumble to the Haymaker Farmers' Market on Saturday between 9 & 1. Make sure you don't drink any coffee at home since we'll be bringing Iced Coffee back. Heat never touches our IC – we cold brew the beans for 48 hours to extract all the flavor and caffeine, but not the acid. We also use “black ice” - coffee made into ice cubes. All of which makes it delicious, smooth, and undiluted. Don't eat any breakfast either, since we'll be bringing Wild Blueberry and Raspberry Swirl Muffins. Come to think of it, you should expect to scrounge lunch at the market as well. And yes, Chaycowski Farms now has tomatoes, mmmm. Some live music on Saturday as well? Certainly! Crowd-pleasing Kathy Johnson will be back this weekend. Remember her fun song “Well-tanned, Hairy-chested, Bare-armed Men?” Yeah, that Kathy Johnson!

Wondering what will tide you over through the week? We'll be making Cracked Wheat Bread both for the Haymaker market on Saturday and the Peninsula market on Wednesday (, so that should do it!

See you Saturday (and Wednesday).


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