Goldilocks and the farmers' markets
Subject: Goldilocks and the farmers' markets
Send date: 2011-06-08 00:12:26
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Everyone remembers the tale of Goldilocks. She's the one who went into the Bears' home and sampled their things. Poppa Bear's was always too much, Mama Bear's was always too little, and Baby Bear's was juuuuuuust right. Stahl's experiences with farmers' markets is a bit similar: a few years back we were doing four per week, and that was too much! Then we cut back to only doing the Haymaker Market in Kent. Turns out that wasn't quite enough. So we're going to add another one this year, and hope it's juuuust right, both for us and for our customers. We're going to join the brand-new Peninsula Farmers' Market which starts next Wednesday, June 15, from 3:30 -7. It's in a gorgeous location – Heritage Farms, which is a 163-year old family farm within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, just a little outside Peninsula on Riverview Rd. It may be a new market, but Heritage Farms is an old hand when it comes to hosting; they used to be the location of Countryside Conservancy's Saturday market. For more information, click here:


As to what we'll be bringing: This Saturday at Haymaker, the breads will be Italian and Honey Whole Wheat. Good for you and delicious, too; we don't use any refined flour in our HWW to make it easier to work with; just 100% stone ground, whole wheat. We'll also be bringing some of the usual suspects, like Frosted Cookies, Pizzelles and Czech Pastries. And we absolutely will bring more Coconut Macaroons; they practically flew at last Saturday's Market, and we've taken the hint...we'll bring more. We'll definitely have some good things for you to munch on while you tap your feet & nod your head along with this week's musical guest, Halim El-Dabh.

We'll have many of the same things at Peninsula, but the breads will be Italian and Dried tomato-basil. We'll also have a few full-sized Cherry & Blueberry Pies.


And, Goldilocks? Better cut back on the home invasions. B&E is a 4th degree felony. Plus the bears could eat you – and you'd be juuuuust right.


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