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Subject: Ciao, Angelo...
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...Arrivederci, Tom & Ray!

If you’ve been to Stahl’s on a Saturday morning during the off-farmers’ market season, you might recognize these names from our radio lineup which includes WDOK’s “Gardening with Angelo,” and NPR’s “Car Talk.” Not to mention “Whad’ya Know,” and “Splendid Table,” also from NPR. Yep, whole lot of station-surfing at Stahl’s. Sadly the surfing is over for the next few months. Well, sort of sadly. Well, not really sadly at all; this coming Saturday is the first day of the 2011 Haymaker Farmers’ Market! The familiar voices from the tin box will be replaced with live voices from market attendees, and the same tunes over and over will be replaced with live musicians and lively songs. This Saturday, for instance, HFM will be hosting the Galgozy & Zeleny duo. You might remember them from their HFM debut last year, and boy were they good! As of right now, we don’t know where the Stahl’s booth will be assigned, but as always, we’ll be giving free cookies to the musicians. We’ll find the musicians, but you might need to search for us to get your own treat-age. Look for the blue tent checkered tablecloths Stahl’s sign – it'll be right next to our scratch-made deliciousness.


You might wonder what we’ll be bringing, and whether it’s anything you’ll like. Lots and Yes. Everyone doesn’t like the same things of course, but we’ll have enough variety to satisfy nearly everyone…unless you’re weird. In that case you’re on your own.


So, for bread, we’ll be bringing Oatmeal-Molasses Bread and Bob’s Bread. Oatmeal-Molasses bread is pretty self-explanatory, and is the one with which we usually start the market season. But Bob’s Bread might be a little mysterious if you haven’t been a long-time customer. Bob Stahl was the original owner of Stahl’s Bakery, and this was his own formula (recipe) from 1949. Made with unbleached flour, this is great sandwich bread; it’ll remind you of granny’s country loaf. If you had a bread-baking country granny, that is.


Other goodies include Traditional Cookies, Frosted Cookies (check out the giant stars & stripes for Memorial Day), Pizzelles, Pies, Sweet Rolls, Caramel-filled Brownies, Muffins, Czech Pastries, and a few surprises. Except for the bread, all of our baked goods are made with Kent-milled Star of the West flour. Even our Pancake Mix. And all of our batters and doughs are made from scratch at the bakery, so not only will you be treating yourself to great food, but you’ll also be supporting Ohio grain farmers and a couple of local businesses. Isn’t sustainability delicious?

See you at the market!


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