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Subject: Hi Mom!
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Does time really fly when you're having fun? How about when you're having holidays? It might have seemed like Easter came late this year, and it did! This year, Easter came as late as it possibly could. Coincidentally, this year, Mother's Day is as early as it possibly could be, leaving only one Sunday in between. And if you think you need a breather, how about some sympathy for the KSU students who are right now going through finals. Yep, graduation is once again scheduled for Mother's Day weekend. What genius thought of that?!? Although some might consider graduating to be an appropriate gift for your mom. So, if you're walking past campus and happen to see some stray tufts of hair which look as though they've been forcefully pulled out...leave them where you find them. Nesting season, after all. Which fortunately for the squirrels & birds comes around the same time as finals. College is such a perfect ecosystem.

So, now it's time for the advertising segue! What do graduation and Mother's Day have in common? A celebration. And what is a hallmark of the best celebrations? If you think the answer is 'presents,' or 'a card,' you wouldn't be wrong. But don't forget this is the Stahl's Bakery e-newsletter, and we don't sell cards or wrapping paper. That's right, the answer is 'cake!' And in some cases, 'petit fours.' Which is a type of cake, so it still counts. Yes,we will be making White Cake, Yellow Cake, and Chocolate Cake this weekend, so be sure to place your order in advance. And if you're thinking of something extra-special, we will also be making Almond Petit-fours. They sold out quickly at Easter, so don't dilly-dally, as Mom , might say. Phone your order in advance, and you can spend more time finding the perfect present and card. (330) 673-9244. Oops! Almost forgot the extra part of the Mother's Day celebration; breakfast in bed. You may have visions of previous disasters, but don't panic! We'll have some breakfast goodies you can get when you pick up your cake order. We'll also have some of our Pancake Mix ready to grab & go. We know what you're going to ask and the answer is NO! Do not give it as a present! This is for you to make for her. Sheesh.

So are you ready for one last thing? Stahl's has been nominated to the Fox8 Akron-Canton Hotlist, in the “Favorite Bakery” category. Besides other independent retail bakeries, this category has seen a lot of growth with cupcake specialists, cake-only boutiques, supermarket bakeshops, and a few national franchises. The competition is now up to 50 nominees, which is a pretty steep climb! If we're your favorite bakery (and why wouldn't we be?), please consider popping over to the Hotlist & voting for Stahl's! Here's the link: http://fox8-akron.cityvoter.com/stahl-s-bakery/biz/72779 There are a lot of other Kent businesses in the running in other categories, so while you're on the website, click a few other favorites, too!  And don't delay - voting ends on Friday.




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