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Subject: Farmers Market
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"Something Old, Something New…."




Usually refers to two different things. This weekend, though, Kent gets both in one terrific package: the Haymaker Farmers’ Market. This will be the 16th year for the Haymaker, which makes it one of the oldest in NE Ohio. Pretty impressive! The new part comes in because as a seasonal event, it starts fresh for 2008. Also because we’ll be having some new farms represented in addition to the old faves we look forward to all winter.



At Stahl’s we’ll be trying to emulate the old & new theme by bringing back our market favorites, such as pies, cookies, petit fours, muffins, Columbian Organic Coffee, and breads. This week’s bread will be Oatmeal-Molasses. If you recall from last year, this goes pretty fast, so you might want to call & reserve a loaf, or come to the market early.




Moving along with the ‘new’ theme, we’ll be bringing different things throughout the season to see what to add permanently to our lineup. Orange rolls? Peach focaccia? Egg pockets? This week: Pancake Mix!




Why pancake mix? Because it’s a great and uncommon way to support local farmers. As many folks know, Star of the West flour mill is located in downtown Kent. They mill locally-grown grain into cake & pastry flour (if you’re interested in why only cake & pastry flour, ask at our booth Sat.), but they don’t sell to the retail market. And besides, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Print this coupon for a free bag, a $2.50 value. Also a good excuse to get some maple syrup a few booths down.







Present this coupon for 1 free bag of Stahl's Pancake Mix

Stahl's Bakery

(330) 673-9244

Offer good through July 1, 2008



Of course about 90% of the flour we use here at Stahl's is from Star of the West, so anytime you buy our cookies, cakes, muffins, etc., you're actually helping to support two local businesses plus local farms.


See you Saturday,

Franklin & Summit Sts., 9a.m. - 1 p.m.



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