Make Some Noise!
Subject: Make Some Noise!
Send date: 2011-03-16 22:31:45
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Make some noise!


A quick check of the ole' calendar shows that Thursday is St. Patrick's Day. You knew that, though, didn't you? Aside from the shamrock-y things and leprechaun figures and everything green showing up all over, there is the mental tensing of a college town anticipating the 6 am bar openings. And young adults in a spring mindset getting way over their heads way too early in the day. Although, if you know many KSU students, you already know that that behavior is not the norm. In Kent we're very fortunate to have a great bunch of 'kids.' And if you have trouble believing that, you should hang around the bakery sometime when we get a clump of students asking for donations for their latest charitable efforts. By and large, they're very hardworking, earnest, and eager to be of service, and all that on top of school, studies, and usually a part-time job (or two). Of course we donate, usually a gift certificate for a dozen cookies. It may not seem like much to anyone else, but we have to accommodate a LOT of requests, and these sincere young folks are always appreciative. So keep an eye out if you're driving downtown Thursday; as adults, we need to see those helpful hearts safely past their youthful 'breaking out' phase. Of course if you're walking along the sidewalks on your step. Or wear old shoes.

For us at Stahl's, of course we've been greening up all March. Check out our Shamrock Cookies, both large and small. And for St. Patrick's Day and Friday, we're switching soup to Cream of Potato. It's vegetarian, so if you're going meatless for Lenten Fridays, this is the soup for you! If you're not in a soup mood, try our Tuna, Egg Salad, or Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich for a non-meat lunch.

Making noise this time of year certainly isn't limited to St. Patrick's Day, or even the advent of spring break, which officially starts Monday, but in practice is really more Friday. There's also the Jewish holiday Purim, which celebrates the defeat of Haman's plot to destroy the Jews living in ancient Persia. (see the Book of Esther) It starts at sunset on Saturday and continues until Monday sunset. Why noise? To blot out Haman's name when it's read aloud in the scriptures. Hiss! Booooo! Although, his name has ended up as part of a traditional Purim treat called Hamentasch (Haman's hat)*. Yep, once again we're making these delicious treats in raspberry and apricot. You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy them – anyone can blot these out by eating them!


*Long story short; the pastry probably started out with a different name that meant poppyseed pockets.



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