Mulliga- What??
Subject: Mulliga- What??
Send date: 2011-03-09 22:00:41
Issue #: 85


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Well, that was interesting! After last week's “TL;DR” e-mail, we got letters. Apparently a super-short version of “Stahl's 411” isn't acceptable. Of course there are people who won't be happy with a return to (our) normal style. So here's a compromise: we'll do what we want. Hey - this is a bakery, not a democracy. And if an e-mail is too long for you, food will still be in boldface, and other retailers will be underlined. Let's face it, what you should care about is the food, not the writing, since the point of the writing is to entice you to buy the food. Sneaky how that works, huh?

So let's get down to this week's reason for writing: Mulligatawny Soup. And even though it sounds like an Irish specialty more suited to St. Paddy's Day, it's actually Indian. Sorta, kinda. More like a European idea of what an Indian soup might taste like. Think Chicken Vegetable with spices. Oh, and some apples. And after it's all been simmered together, it tastes heavenly; not too spicy, not too sweet. Those apples? Because of their texture, they're often mistaken for water chestnuts. Still not sure about trying something new? Come on in for a free sample. Since we're getting a late start on this soup, we'll be offering it until Wednesday, then next Thursday & Friday, we switch to Cream of Potato Soup.

Are you going meatless for Lenten Fridays? We've got the answer for your lunch problem right here: Tuna Salad, Egg Salad, and Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches - with your choice of raspberry or apricot jelly. And all on our own delicious bread. Pretty gourmet, huh?

Haymaker Farmers' Market News......

After four years' participation in the Haymaker Farmers' Market, Stahl's seems to be the storefront answer desk for all things HFM. No problem; if we don't know the answer, we'll make something up. Just kidding! But it seems that from January until May, the most-asked question is, “When will it start back up again?” Here's the answer for this year: May 28. That's the last Saturday of May, and also the start of Memorial Day weekend. There are a few things still unknown. Most importantly, who will be in charge. If you haven't seen the news in the Record-Courier, or on, our long-time (and long-suffering) manager, Fritz Seefeldt, has decided to hand the reigns over. To whom? We don't yet know. The board is currently accepting applications until March 15. Check out for more info. It's an interesting combination of physical and mental labor, challenge and triumph, and frustration and satisfaction. Where for 18 years, Fritz gallantly refused any compensation, it will now be a paid position. But as a seasonal part-time job, it's still going to be more labor of love than sole support. Luckily for us, Fritz will stay on the board as a "Manager Emeritus" and be available as a resource for the next leader.

See you soon!


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