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Subject: Rich & Creamy
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Mother Nature is such a tease! Take last week's taste of spring, for instance. Then this week, and BLAMMO! The return of “Wintry Mix” and the iced-over roads that that combination of snow, freezing rain, and falling slush produces. You need comfort! And sustenance, of course. How does a nice, hot bowl of rich, smooth, comforting Cream of Mushroom Soup sound? Now if your first thought was “UGH!” you've probably been the victim of what Garrison Keillor calls “Lutheran Binder.” You know, that gray coagulated mass that glurps out of a can? Even the sound it makes as it leaves the can is unappetizing. No wonder it's more often used to bind the ingredients of a casserole together for a potluck than eaten by itself. Nope, our Cream of Mushroom soup is the sort of thing that coats your mouth with flavor and your stomach with satisfaction. We start by sautéing three different varieties of mushrooms (button, portobello, and oyster) along with fresh-chopped onions in butter. (Of course butter! What else would we use?) Then we make a roux, add a few spices and herbs, some white wine from our neighbors at 101 Bottles of Beer, and a few other things that make this soup worth wrapping your tongue around. It would be a travesty to lose this flavor into a tuna casserole drizzled with canned peas. Nope, the best way to enjoy Stahl's Cream of Mushroom Soup is as the focus of your meal. Fortunately, that's how we serve it; 16-oz. bowl with an herbed roll for only $3.75. It won't make the roads easier to drive, or the sleet less cold, but it will give you the strength to carry on.

Even though the meal's focus is soup, you'll still want something sweet to finish it up. May we suggest some Stahl's cookies? Everyone has their favorite, but during this chilly time of year, our Soft Gingersnaps get even more popular. No surprise, of course. a) They're good! and b) there's just something about a little spice that makes us feel warmer. If you'd like to feel a little warmer from a nostalgic point of view, how about this: we're still using the same recipe Mr. Stahl did when he started the bakery back in 1949. Talk about standing the test of time!


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