Stahl's Bakery E-news ~ April 30, 2008
Subject: Stahl's Bakery E-news ~ April 30, 2008
Send date: 2008-04-30 21:08:56
Issue #: 2
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"…. and Stahl's Bakery of Kent provided cookies shaped like the state of Ohio."

Is how you might have seen our latest mention in the Record-Courier. The occasion was the recent visit to Reed Memorial Library by Neil Zurcher of "One Tank Trips" fame. What did these cookies look like?

And yes, we made a bunch ~ 144!

So what's the 411 at Stahl's?

Last chance for hot soup

This week marks the last chance to get hot soup until next fall. Naturally we're wrapping up with our most-requested soup;

Curried Pumpkin!

This soup freezes very well, so if a pumpkinless summer concerns you, now is the time to stock up!



Meanwhile, grab a loaf of Vienna Bread too. Vienna bread is enriched with a small amount of oil, egg and malt; making the texture fine and smooth, and giving the loaf a longer shelf life without artificial preservatives. Great for sandwiches, and french toast. $3.75 per loaf.






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