Fruit Soup
Subject: Fruit Soup
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Once upon a time, there was a very confused and confusing fruit. It was a berry, to be exact, but it was mistaken for other things time and time again. It was falsely accused of being poisonous, of being an aphrodisiac, and even of being werewolf food. (As if. Do you know any vegetarian werewolves?!?) Even its scientific classification fluctuated from being part of the nightshade genus to being on it's own. And back again. Meanwhile, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled it a vegetable for tariff reasons. Poor tomato. At least most of the misconceptions were eventually cleared up. Of course here at Stahl's we know exactly what to make of tomatoes: Chunky Tomato Bisque. Because despite it's scientific classification, tomatoes are nice and savory; a very satisfying lunch main course. We're serving 16-oz bowls with an Italian roll on the side. But you could pick out some additions of your own. A sandwich, for instance; chicken, tuna, egg salad, or peanut butter & jelly. Perhaps a muffin to keep you going through the afternoon/after lunch period. Or get a couple of cookies, just for fun! Don't forget: this is the last week of our annual Mitten Exchange. Just draw a mitten for our wall and receive a free Giant Mitten Cookie.

Oh, and out of all those de-bunked tomato myths, there is one which quietly hangs on; that of being werewolf peaches. In some European superstitions, deadly nightshade was associated with werewolves, and since tomatoes are a luscious fruit in the nightshade family...well, what else would they be? If you're wondering what about this myth could possibly hang on, check out the different taxonomic classifications tomatoes have held over the centuries: Solanum lycopersicum, Lycopersicon lycopersicum, and Lycopersicon esculentum. Notice anything? How about that the root “lyco” keeps showing up. It's from the Greek lycos, meaning “wolf.” Hmmm. Even the powerful antioxidant found in tomatoes is called lycopene. Perhaps that explains how werewolves' skin stays so youthful - underneath all the fur.

So come on over to Stahl's and feed your inner werewolf. Awoooo!


Sneak peek for next week: Beef Vegetable Soup, Raspberry Truffles, Those Brownies, Valentine Cookies.


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