January Goodies
Subject: January Goodies
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It seems like we just barely traded 2010 for 2011, and yet January's more than half over. Be honest; you're still writing 2010 on things, aren't you? And you're probably still trying to keep those pesky resolutions. Not that there's anything wrong with that, since most resolutions are made with improvement in mind. Not too many people resolve to become disorganized, or lose muscle tone, or start smoking, after all.

Of course you've got to eat lunch, even if you've sworn off weight gain. This time of year all the sniffles, coughs, colds, and etceteras are swirling around, and there's no escape. Maybe something that's delicious and practical would make it worth leaving your warm office? Warm, germ-filled office. Chicken Noodle Soup to the rescue! There's still debate on whether it prevents or lessens colds, but there's no denying that it makes you feel more comfortable for the duration. There's also no denying how good our Stahl's-made* soup tastes. Served in 16-oz containers, that's a pound (by volume) of yuck-defeating goodness. With a Stahl's-made Italian roll, no less, for only $4.50.

If that Italian roll side for the soup sounds good, you're going to love this: on Saturday, January 22, we'll be making full loaves of Italian Bread. We don't often make bread in volume during the winter, but due to recent demand, we'll be trying out our most popular bread on Saturday. If you're a summer-only customer because you're not quite sure where our storefront is, this is an easy fix: we're at 411 E. Main St. in Kent, which is located in the back corner of Kinko's Plaza, on the corner of Willow and Main. No guarantees, but we might also make some Garlic Butter you can slather on at home. Mmmm! Spaghetti night!

So how about those resolutions? By any chance did you resolve to help local sustainability? This is probably one of the easiest resolutions to keep up with, believe it or not. Kent has many independent retailers; from antiques to books to clothes to gifts and beyond. And from art on your body to art on your wall, Kent's tattoo parlors and galleries can satisfy your taste. Taste? Yep, we've got that too. Cafés, restaurants, sandwich shops and bars. And then there's Stahl's Bakery (that's us)! Not only are we a small independent retail business, but most of our baking is done with Kent flour. Have you ever noticed those large white towers on Water Street? That's Kent's own Star of the West flour mill, formerly Williams Bros. It's been in town for over 100 years, producing cake and pastry flour from Ohio-grown grains. So when you buy a Stahl's cake or cupcakes, or muffin, or cookies, or brownies, or pie, or, well, pretty much anything we bake (besides bread), you're contributing to two local businesses plus Ohio grain farmers. Pretty tasty way to keep a resolution, huh?

Now if like our young friend here, you demand to know how to get some free cookies, our annual Mitten Exchange is still running: come in & draw a mitten for our wall, and we'll give you a free Giant Mitten Cookie. Age is inconsequential, free is free, and once we've got you hooked....Mwah hah hah!



*We can't call it “homemade” since nobody actually lives in the shop, but it's still made in small batches with lots of care and quality ingredients. Grandma would approve.



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(330) 673-9244
411 East Main Street, Kent, OH 44240
Stahl's Bakery is located in the Kinko's Plaza on Rt. 59
(Near Chipotle)
From Campus: Walk across the street.
From Ravenna: Rt. 59 West just past the University
From Stow: Rt. 59 East just before the University







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