Ruh Roh!
Subject: Ruh Roh!
Send date: 2010-12-09 21:29:20
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Stahls E- News

If you've wondered about the absence of Stahl's newsletters over the last couple of weeks, you probably don't know we've been having some computer difficulties. Software? Hardware? Who knows? *Shakes laptop like an Etch-a-Sketch* Ooops!

Apparently, that's not the way to correct computer problems.


Fortunately, our bakery's main machinery, the large mixers and ovens, are still in great working order, despite being a half-century old. (Take that, slacker Microsoft!) Why is that worth pointing out? Because despite our Stahl's 411 (newsletter) silence, the physical Stahl's Bakery is still humming along, producing great things both for your everyday eating and some extra special holiday goodies.


This week, for instance, we're serving a full 16-ounce bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup accompanied by a Stahl's dinner roll for only $4.50. And this is the week to indulge in some non-prescription cold prevention. Have you seen the snow out there??? Of course you have – beautiful, isn't it?

We still have Star of David frosted cutouts and Blue and White butter cookies as Hanukkah draws to a close this week

Our Christmas selection is keeping pace with the calendar, also. Trees, Stockings, Holly Leaves, even some neon-colored Light Bulb Frosted Cookies are waiting for you. And did you notice a bit of iridescence sparkling up at you from our display case? Yep, we really do have Silver Bells and Gold Ornament cookies.

Our annual Christmas Special cookies are here, also! Peppermint Pinwheels, Eggnog Drops, Chocolate/vanilla pinwheels, and Pistachio Leaves. By the weekend, we'll also have Pizzelles, Chocolate Mocha Buche de Noels, Czech Pastries, Raspberry Truffles, and some fun Party Cakes and Sweet Rolls.


Speaking of weekend, we'll be open at the store on Saturday, but we'll also have a presence at the Winter Haymaker Farmers' Market. For the third year, the law firm of Williams, Welser, Kratcoscki & Can has generously offered its garage to shelter over 30 vendors on the next two Saturdays. Located at 11 South River St., across from the Kent Free Library, open from 9-2. We'll be the first spot on the left as you walk in, and as at the summer market, we get a birdseye view (birdsear?) of the musical entertainment. The first Saturday kicks off with Halim el Dabh, followed by Brian Henke, and topped off with Celtic Clan. Speaking of Brian Henke, this will be his warmup for Saturday evening's 10th annual Woodchopper's Ball, held at the Kent Stage. Check out their website for more info at


Finally, in case this computer glitchiness lasts much longer, 'like' us on facebook for up-to-date info. Which bread we'll be making for the markets, for instance. Also more pictures.




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