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This week's lunch special is Tomato Bisque Soup, served with an herb roll, just $3.25. Considering the weather's turning ever chillier, and rainy, how could anyone pass up this deal? Next week's Soup = Cream of Potato (vegetarian).

Speaking of deals, we've started the annual Turkey Swap. That's the one where you draw a hand turkey for our wall and we reward your decorative talent with a free Turkey Cookie. We'll even provide the crayons and paper. Or if the smell of Crayolas takes you back to that tragic crayon-up-the-nose incident from first grade, you could always pay $1.75 and skip the whole art/trauma deja vu. Either works for us: not to be greedy, but we like pretty walls and being able to pay the electric bill. By the way, that grade 1 reference? Not as rare as you might think. Pity the poor school nurse doing regular battle with those giant crayons lodged...never mind.

If you haven't been paying attention to the calendar, take a look. Right now. Yep, Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away! NOW is the time to order your Thanksgiving pies and cakes from Stahl's. This year we're featuring: Pumpkin, of course! Cherry, Blueberry, Custard, Coconut Custard, and our uniquely delicious Apple, either with double crust, or a crumb topping. This year we're stepping up the Apple with Caramel Crumb Apple Pie. Our bakery-made caramel is swirled into the apples before baking, then drizzled on top of the baked crumb topping for a beautiful (and delicious) dessert presentation. Thanksgiving is such a busy day, it's easy to forget some details. For instance, baking, cleaning, refereeing which parade gets watched, scrounging enough chairs for the tables and enough tables for your guests. Whew! It's easy to forget that the whole family has the day off, and they'll want breakfast loooong before that turkey's ready. Might as well pick up a Cinnamon Loaf or Cherry-Cheese Tea Ring on Wednesday when you get your pies & cake!

Of course here in Kent we get some pre-feast excitement with the 44th Annual Kent State Folk Festival which kicks off Wednesday at the Kent Stage and runs through Saturday. There are too many artists to contain in the Stage and on campus, so once again over 30 downtown Kent businesses will host "Folk Alley 'Round Town" on Friday You can revisit some of the great musicians we've hosted this summer at the Haymaker Farmers' Market, like Lisa and Heather Malyuk, Jon Mosey, Ashley Brooke Toussant, and Jim Gill, among others. And as for where everyone's playing? Well there are the places you'd expect, like The Venice, Dominick's, The Pub, and other friendly liquor establishments, also casual dining/cafes like Anthony's Cafe and Franklin Square Deli. But there are also some surprise venues, like The Black Squirrel Gallery, Katie Brooke Quilt Shop, and Logos Book Store. Logos is even having a sing-along from 1-3 if you'd like to bring an instrument, or just your voice.


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