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Subject: Playing Favorites
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We all have our favorites: favorite jeans, favorite authors, favorite music, favorite chair. Most of us also have a favorite time of year. For some, the promise of spring holds wonder and excitement, others love the liveliness and buoyancy of full-on summer heat and sunshine, still others prefer the coziness of winter, watching the snow put it's blanket of quiet over everything. But in this part of Ohio, the love of fall is almost universal. We're in the best part of it right now: some trees are showing off their colors while others are slower-starting, quite a few leaves have been shed and sprinkled across the grass, giving warm-colored accents to green lawns. The weather is beautiful, with every day an interesting transition from chilly evening to sun-warmed day. Those chilly evenings haven't quite frosted hard enough to kill the flowers, but just enough to make annoying bugs like yellow jackets logy and, well, less annoying. Bright blue skies in the day, the full Hunter's Moon peeking through random clouds at night. Why wouldn't this be anyone's favorite season?

Sadly, the end of October is also the end of the Haymaker Farmers' Market's outdoor season. Which is why we've been asking you what you'd like to see us bring for the last few market weeks. We've gotten responses through Facebook (if you haven't already, stop by and “Like” us), via e-mail, but mostly face-to-face requests. So, here are some highlights of this Saturday's lineup: Italian Bread, Rye Bread (LOTS of requests for that!), Individual Focaccia, Caramel-filled Brownies, Pizzelles, White and Chocolate Cupcakes, Fall Leaves Cake (our yellow butter-vanilla cake), Jack-o-lantern, Leaves & Acorns, Ghosts, and Soccer Ball Frosted Cookies, Cream Cheese Bear Claws, Fruit Snails, and Cinnamon Rolls. Possibly even some Pancake Mix, made with Kent-milled flour.

Of course wrapping up the season doesn't mean we won't be trying out new things! We'll be introducing Chewy Coconut Macaroons this week also. They're in the store right now, but we'll bring some to the market in case you don't get an opportunity to stop by our Main St. storefront.

Speaking of trying out new things, this week's Music at the Market guest is Kathy Johnson, trying out our venue for the first time. Stop on by and make her feel welcome! She probably won't mind if you're eating some Stahl's goodies while you pull up a picnic table and listen. For the record, our musical entertainment is always offered complementary Stahl's cookies. After all, they work hard, they should get a treat!



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