Now you see us...
Subject: Now you see us...
Send date: 2010-09-17 04:08:11
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Now you don't!


I've you've been by Stahl's storefront in the FedEx/Kinko's Plaza, you might have wondered why we aren't there. Surprise! We're still here, back behind those big equipment trucks and service vans. Nope, they don't belong to us, but to our new neighbors-to-be. In case you haven't heard, the former home of News & Photo is being taken over by The Exchange, the new & used CD, game and DVD store presently behind Starbucks. It looks like a win-win: for us it won't be as lonely back here in the corner. For them, they'll get a much bigger store, and more & better parking, plus there's got to be some advantage to being next to a bakery, right?

Speaking of win-win, this Saturday at the Haymaker Farmers' Market is shaping up to be pretty “win” all around. The farmers are bringing the last of the tomatoes and corn, cantelope and watermelons are still plentiful, and we're seeing the fall crops come in, now; pumpkins, anyone? Several farms have been bringing apples for weeks, and we'll be taking advantage of that. We'll be making Apple Tea Cakes with a combination of varieties of organically grown, no-spray apples from Black Dog Acres. What are Apple Tea Cakes? Well, they're not actually cake, more of a coffee cake, with sweet dough, apple chunks, spices and nuts mixed together, given a nice slow rise in the cooler to develop the flavors, and baked in a loaf shape. And when you fall in love with the taste of Black Dog Acres' apples, all you'll have to do is travel south a few booths to get some more.

We'll be bringing other things, of course; our breads this week are Rye*, Italian, and Individual Herbed Focaccia. Cookies will be in plentiful supply both for casual snackin' and next week's brown baggin' (yes, Pizzelles, too), and the temperature looks like it will be cool enough for white and chocolate Cupcakes. Not that the cupcakes themselves have trouble with higher temps, but our melt-in-your-mouth frosting certainly does!

Are you feeling a little classy this weekend? You're in good company! This week's Music at the Market guest is Tom Gwilt, playing classical guitar. Grab some goodies, have a seat at the picnic table, and enjoy!


*When she found out Rye was this week's specialty bread, Bakerymom cursed sales with “I hope you don't sell it all!” Well, you can understand that; Rye is her fave, but whenever we make it, there are no leftovers going home. Yep, it's that good. Better get in line, Bakerymom!




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