Back to School...Blues
Subject: Back to School...Blues
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Summer's over.

No, not really. We actually have a bit to go, but because summer vacation's over for the students, it seems like that's the end of the season. Even those of us who are past school age fall into the school year groove. We still get a tingle of, “something's different, something's happening,” around Labor Day. It may seem odd, but since we've all had at least 13 of our earliest years revolving our lives around the school calendar, it's never hard to pick up the feeling that it's a new year, and a new start. The end of August is what the beginning of January is supposed to feel like, but never quite does.

So what does that mean for the Haymaker Farmers' Market? Plenty! Plenty to do, plenty to see, and plenty to eat! Sweet corn is here, and boy is it delicious. Pochedly Farm is near Stahl's booth, and Bakerydad has been buying his share of Silver Queen and Bi-color before the market opens. Sneaky, sneaky, Bakerydad! But since he goes out early to set up the booth, we'll let it slide. (Especially since he shares) Then there are the tomatoes! There are lots all up and down the market, everything from giants that only need one slice to cover a sandwich, to small sweet cherry tomatoes perfect to pop halfway in your mouth and squirt at your sister. Not that we'd know anything about that, of course. A little tip: don't squirt them at your brother because he'll chase you down the street – now that we do have some experience with. Some of the sizes in between are the most intriguing. From modern hybrids to heirlooms, you'll want to get a variety and test-taste them to find out which one is really, really your favorite ever. Something else that's ready now is blueberries. More about them in a minute.

Whether you have kids in school or not, there are plenty of good, healthy eats at the Haymaker. And our offerings at the Stahl's booth are no exception. Our specialty bread this week is Oatmeal-Molasses. You already know how good oatmeal is for you, but did you know that molasses is a source of iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc., etc? Who says healthy bread has to taste bland or be dry? This bread's great for sandwiches or toast; give it a try for Peanut Butter and Jelly! Need something else to pack with that sandwich? Of course you do. Try one of our cookie packs, all ready to be slipped into brown bags. Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal-raisin, Soft Gingersnap, Sugar-nutmeg, and Peanut Butter all come three/bag, or try a frosted cookie pack. Baseballs, Black Squirrels, Watermelon Slices, and Butterflies all come in a two-pack, or for a no-share treat, Giant Tie-Dye and Sunflowers come one per bag. Don't forget the Individual Focaccia; this week we'll be bringing two types. Our savory kind is baked with herbed olive oil, covered in a blend of Romano and Parmesan, then we dress some of them up with Bella Terra's red onions, and tomatoes from Black Dog Acres. Who knows, maybe that will turn out to be your favorite tomato variety ever. If so, Black Dog Acres is just a few spots to our South (toward Summit St.) and has plenty of tomatoes to send home with you. You'll know them by their cute excited dog logo and their red tent. From a distance, they're easy to spot by the yellow “Honey” sign in the tree lawn in front of their booth. Yep, that's their sign – honey....mmmmmmm. Check them out on Facebook for updates on what they'll bring.

On to the other focaccia. Since this week's musical guests are The Bluestones, and blueberries are fresh now, we'll be doing a corny little tie-in with Bluesberry Muffins (next to the Raspberry Muffins), Bluesberry Fruit Snails (next to the Cream Cheese Bearclaws, Cinnamon Rolls, and Cherry Fruit Snails), and Individual Bluesberry Focaccias. Instead of using savory herb olive oil, we use plain olive oil both in the dough and brushed on top. Then we dredge them in a cinnamon-sugar mix, and top them with Ohio Blueberries which have been sautéed in butter with a smidgen of brown sugar. The clean flavor of the olive oil and warmth of the cinnamon highlight the brightness of the blueberries without being too sweet. Perfect for a Saturday-in-August treat. Especially if you get a chance to sit at the picnic tables by the 'stage,' and nibble on the blues while listening to the blues.

Speaking of the stage, this week's guests are Kent's own Bluestones. You might remember them from last year, but did you know they've rubbed shoulders with royalty? Blues royalty, that is; whenever Koko Taylor played KSU, they opened for her. Mrs. Taylor passed last year, but having worked with her will be impressive forever.


See you Saturday!



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