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Library Builder

This is a great way to add new and important books to your church or school library. For each dollar an individual spends at Logos Bookstore, he or she is entitled to a 5¢ library stamp to be given to the church or school library. The library then can redeem the coupons for free books. 

Purchases made by organizations do not qualify for the library stamps.

Key Benefits

  • Add new and important books to your library
  • For each dollar spent get a 5¢ library stamp
  • It's Free!
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Did You Know?

For every $100 a consumer spends...
Local businesses give back $68
to their local economy.
Chain stores give back only $43.
The owners and staff at Logos Bookstore are members of your community.
We care and we contribute!

Quote of the Day

"The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who'll get me a book I ain't read." Abraham Lincoln